Our Aims

book rearHello - My name is Doug Pearson, I live in Lytham, Lancashire but for many years I lived in Wakefield.

This website is designed in an attempt to throw some additional light onto the yet unsolved and horrific murder of Elsie Frost on the 9th of October 1965 at the ABC Steps in Wakefield.

At the moment I am writing a thesis. The case highlights some disturbing aspects of the law and too many questions remain unanswered. Elsie’s elder sister Anne Cleave and her younger brother Colin need some better answers to help heal the loss of their sister Elsie who was just 14 years old at the time. Lee Spencer the son of the accused man Ian Spencer needs to clear his father’s name once and for all. My investigation may develop into a book if I can add something new to the thousands of words already written.

The website provides a facility to make public comments without disclosing your true name or address details and a facility to write to me without your communication appearing on the website.

I am keen to hear from anyone, any connection no matter how insignificant it may seem, your information could just add a new and important detail.


Did you know Elsie?
Were you a witness at the Coroners Inquest?
Were you a member of the sailing club?
Did you know Ian Spencer?
Did you attend Balne Lane Youth Club in 1965?
Were you a neighbour of Elsie?
Did you live near Ian Spencer?
Did you know Ian Spencer when doing National Service?
Did you go to school or work with Ian Spencer?


I am a family man married with three children and nine grandchildren. Aged seventy-four and now retired. This project is, I believe, worth the real effort and dedication required in an attempt to add something useful to the investigation.

During my working life I held many positions including Managing Director and Chairman of several organisations and businesses and spent much of my time devoted to the development of young people in business and industry. Under the Guardian Angel Scheme I was awarded “Guardian of the Year” in 2002.

Negotiations with government departments also commanded a lot of my time when in business. My past experience with lawyers and the law has exercised my mind too many times to remember.

Financial gain is not on the agenda.