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Peter Pickering dies following his trial

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After 13 months of waiting I am able to report some progress with regard to Peter Pickering. He finally appeared at Leeds Crown Court via video link from Swindon Crown Court. After a week long trial he was found guilty of the charge of abduction and rape of a woman from Sheffield in 1972.

Unfortunately just a few days later prior to him being sentenced, the judge was awaiting Pickering’s medical reports, Pickering died on Saturday 24th March.

From West Yorkshire Police statements they appear to be convinced that Pickering was almost certainly responsible for Elsie Frosts murder . He was still on bail for that case when he died. He had been on bail for 13 months with no police statements.

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Peter Pickering – Police Expected To Charge With Elsie Frost Murder

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West Yorkshire Police have had their plans to charge Peter Pickering with the murder of Elsie Frost thwarted due to his death on 24th March.

Detective Superintendent Nick Warren says that he would like to make public the case they had against Pickering to help give some closure to the Frost and Spencer family. He suggested they may need another inquest into Elsie’s death to do this.

I await further statements with baited breath.

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Progress with Peter Pickering but not with Elsie Frost

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Following Peter Pickering’s arrest and bail in September 2016 in connection with the murder of Elsie Frost there appeared to have been no report of him being released from bail. Consequently when on 6th March 2017 he was re-arrested and bailed again in connection with Elsie’s murder it was quite a surprise.

This time he was also arrested and bailed for the abduction and rape of an eighteen year old woman in 1972.

Then on 24th August 2017 Peter Pickering was charged with the abduction and rape of the eighteen year old woman. He appeared at Leeds Magistrate Court on 19th September where he was instructed to appear before Leeds Crown Court for a pre-trial hearing on 16th October.

There is still no further development with regard to Peter Pickering and Elsie Frost. I have tried on several occasions to get confirmation from West Yorkshire Police as to whether Peter Pickering is still on bail and is the Elsie Frost case still open. They refuse to answer either question.

One would expect some interim comment from West Yorkshire Police considering their last statement was  some six months ago . The Frost family and the people of Wakefield deserve something better.













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78 year old pensioner arrested in connection with murder of Elsie Frost

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On 26th September West Yorkshire Police arrested a 78 year old man in connection with the murder of Elsie Fost,

Some press reports have stated that the man was Peter Pickering but it has not been confirmed by the police.

On 28th September the police released the man on secure bail.

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Wanted for Cash

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Ian Bernard Spencer was charged with the murder of Elsie Frost and later discharged. The work I am doing requires me to have a photograph of Ian. Any offers of help would be greatly appreciated.

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Detective Chief Inspector Elizabeth Belton

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Elizabeth Belton, a top detective with West Yorkshire Police crack murder squad has been suspended from duty following arrest for allegedly perverting the course of justice. Prior to being arrested she was leading the new enquiry into who killed Elsie Frost, the fourteen year old girl who was murdered in 1965.

It is not known whether the charge relates to the Elsie Frost case. However it is certainly not helpful when there has been continued. public concern about the police role in the original criminal investigation in 1965/66.

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New Information

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My investigations have already produced three new pieces of information, two of which may have some bearing on who killed Elsie Frost

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Are you one of these men?

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I have reached a stage in my investigations where I would urgently like to have contact with anyone on the following list of individuals who was a witness at the inquest or gave statements regarding the Elsie Frost case in 1965/1966.

John Hall

Keith Lumb

Charles Turton

Phillip Bastow

Paul Moody

Michael Garside

Please use the ‘Private Contact’ tab.

Your email address will not be disclosed.